First One out of the Gate…An Introduction to The Bierlady

Hi my name is Cathy …welcome to my beer blog!

I suppose before you trust me about beer related issues I should tell you a little about myself. Well first off my last name is Biermann. No joke. That is pronounced Beer-Man. German, man who brews beer. I have to fess up though I did marry into that name. However, my maiden name is Sincere. Again No joke. And as you may have guessed the option for hyphenating my last name was well, not an option. But for the purposes of this first blog I will point out that I am Cathy Sincere-Biermann. I was also born in Milwaukee. If that doesn’t scream beer I don’t know what else does. I was raised in Vegas. No beer related story here, it’s just cool. And I currently reside in Los Angeles.
I will outwardly admit I am no official beer expert. Unless you get expert points for drinking beer the last 20+ years. OH didn’t tell you my age out and out but you can do the math. Unless you are drunk while reading this then I’m 25.

All I can say in the hopes you read this and future Bierlady Blog posts is that we are beer people. So much so that for my husband’s birthday about 5 years back I bought him a beer keg fridge with a tap so we could have draft beer in our kitchen 24/7. His birthday is in April, so for Mothers Day that May he in turn bought me my very first 15.5 gallon keg of Kona Longboard. Sniff. They were the gifts that kept on giving.
Mr Biermann, or you can call him Bryan, and I Love the beer. Love Beer tastings and Love pubs. So I thought wait there has to be folks out there they are on our same page. Folks who want to hear what’s good, what’s out there and where can I find it. And you may ask yourself “Cathy you taste it first and let them know if it’s a good beer so I don’t waste time or money?” I’m here to tell you yes. I will do that for you. I will go out weekly and find new beers and try new beers, and report back to you.

I was trying to think of a gimmick, a way to make my blog different. I thought how could I explain how these beer taste? Well by day I’m a voice over artist. So I thought I could liken the beers to voices. Like if you were to try a Bud Super Light Lemon Lime (is that real?) it would be a tiny tiny little girl voice. Or if you were trying a heavy stout it would be a big booming manly voice. Or like the Babes BBQ BlackFin Lager I recently tried, which was very dark and black in appearance but tasted light and clean. It would be the voice of Damon Wayans Jr from Happy Endings, looks black, but is…ok see then I realized this just won’t translate in writing. SO I ditched the voice idea. However I do reserve the right to bring back this idea should I be writing this blog from a bar after being “over served”.

So for now I will just say this blog is one girls opinion. A girl who has home brewing friends, a girl who drinks beer regularly, a girl who visits pubs frequently, a girl who prefers beer tasting to wine tasting, and a girl who writes this for free. So what have you got to lose?

Ok if you may be saying “Cathy cool last name or not , should I care what you think?” Fair enough we just met. But how about if I scoop you on the pubs/bars I visit in LA…I can tell you what folks are drinking. What bars are serving up the best brews? The most variety? The local CA microbrews? Or if that doesn’t get you and you prefer to read US Weekly to Draft Magazine then maybe there are some famous folks sipping brews? I mean who doesn’t want to know what kind of beer Nathan Fillion or Kerry Washington prefer?

I guess for now we’ll just see where this blog takes us. Its just blog one, we have time…
I still haven’t figured out all the whistles and bells of putting up a blog so forgive me. I’ll figure out the pictures and links eventually.
I will say I’m excited that summer is approaching and there is nothing I like more than to “outside” drink. (yes that is a real thing feel free to use it in your day to day…ex: “hey guys wanna call in sick and go outside drinking today?” ) Patios, beaches, biergartens…so much of Southern Cal to explore and consume.

Today is All Day Beer/ Cider Flights at a local pub… I think we’ll start there!


2 comments on “First One out of the Gate…An Introduction to The Bierlady

  1. alisonblair says:

    I love your very first blog post! I don’t even like beer and I was entertained. YAY Cathy! BTW…LOVE the Damon Wayans, Jr reference. I like the voice comparison. I think you should keep doing it. 🙂

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