Mr Beerman’s Birthday Part Deux

First of all Im sorry it took nearly a week to get part two up and on. But to be honest Mr. Beermans birthday took its toll on me. And three nights of drinking, knocked me out. So my days were spent sipping Dayquil not Beer this week.

But I didn’t want to leave you hanging and before this weekend’s drinking commences I wanted to finish what I started.

On Saturday of Birthday weekend I thought I would we would go to a brewery. Now normally I would head right out to the Pub at Golden Road for dinner and drinks (as we did on my birthday) but this weekend had a hitch. We were invited to go out for another friend Kellie’s birthday and it involved a party limo bus to Hollywood. One never turns down a party bus… So the bus needed to pick us up at a spot easy to get to on the way to Hollywood. I chose Universal Studios. The metro stop has easy parking (we know as we use the subway a lot. Because just like you, I am sure, we never Drink and Drive! There are so many options. Subway. Taxi. Uber Car.).

So I decided to try Karl Strauss on Citywalk while we waited for the bus to arrive.

Heres the think Karl Strauss is pretty tried and true. Its everywhere. Its drinkable. The brewery is touristy. But really what did I expect on Citywalk. I will say that our waiter was the nicest person I have ever met. Just a good guy. Who in lieu of giving us a Flight just brought us 11 samples. At first we were like what the hell when he brought our flight. But then upon getting the bill we realized he let us sample the beer. The picture below is what he brought us. We did not sip any of them. This is how they arrived to us.


How nice is that! I tried 5 of the brews on tap which included the Red Trolley Ale, Karl Strauss Amber, Endless Summer Light, The Tank Tap (which is done right there on site) which was a coffee stout, and the Brewers Choice (also made there). Okay much to my chagrin I didn’t take down those names. I thought I did, and when I went back to my trusty Iphone I found a picture of the Beeramisu. Sorry about that.


There was nothing bad about any of these beers. I think to the average beer drinker Karl Strauss is A-ok. I went with the Amber to drink through the dinner. But all were fine. They are definitely not your craft beers but sometimes that’s okay. Sometimes you just want a good beer to drink with your burger. Speaking of Burgers. Holy smoke. So this was the real find. We both ordered the Big Beer Burger.


Look we knew a party bus was coming and the drinking had just begun. This wasn’t our first rodeo, we knew fried food was a must if we wanted any sort of longevity for the evening. This burger was fantastic. Everything on it had something to do with beer. The beef was cooked in it, the onions sautéed in another kind, it had beer brined bacon. That’s right you heard me. I said beer and bacon in the same sentence. It was fantastic. As were the fries. And if you fast forward to the rest of the evening where the Bierlady went off “beer” course and drank a few double vodkas at the Hollywood Improv, and then was served literally a pint of vodka tonic at the SaddleBack Ranch and still made it home fine and not hung over the next day you know the Burger did its job! The beeramisu let us down a bit. Sort of tasted like it came from a 10 x 10 flat of tiramisu they just keep cutting off of til its gone. Not made fresh. But I do like saying it “Beeramisu” just funny.

Another tip from the night is at the Improv we saw some pretty fantastic comedians and no that’s not the double vodka talking. I highly encourage you to catch Maz Jobrani if you ever see him playing in your town. Funny funny man.

Well that sums up the weekend, now on to the next one. Tonight we are attending the CASTLE TV SHOW Season Wrap party. Remember in my first blog when I told you I would see what beers celebrities drink? Well now’s our chance to see! I will report in my next blog what I see and what we drink!


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