Beer and Celebs?

This past weekend I attended the CASTLE wrap party with Mr. Beerman, who works for ABC. If you don’t know CASTLE you should. It’s a fun TV show, great writing, sort of mindless but in a good way. It’s a Murder He Wrote with Nathan Fillion (of Firefly fame, even though I love his character Johnny from Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place it still holds a special place in my heart.) Nathan is just a good guy. He’s very aware of his fans. He is quick to take a picture with me to post on my FB wall for my Aunt in Wisconsin. No questions asked. He’s the first to sign scripts if asked, and he loves you if you remember his short lived show Firefly. The show also stars and Stana Katic. Who is absurdly good looking and also very nice. In fact everyone who works on that show is nice. Not just the celebrities who actually do go out of their way to be normal. But the crew, the writers, the creator! Andrew Marlowe created the show and upon seeing he and his wife at the party I promptly panicked and said to his wife “nice to meet you” even though we had before. Thinking I don’t want to put her on the spot. She was like “Hi Cathy good to see you again”. Really? You remember me? I don’t see you day to day. You see a million folks all the time. Wow. That’s just nice people.

Gifts for Guests

Gifts for Guests

So I promised to have big news about what beer the stars drink. Here’s the thing. Even though there was beer at the function. I didn’t see anyone drinking it. Celebrity or otherwise. DOH! But I will give Sadie Kitchen in Hollywood CA a shout out for being a super cool venue! The food was amazing. They served fried chicken I didn’t think you could find outside of the south. The DJ was pumping the old school mix then jumped into current stuff. And well the bar was open. Not just sort of open but OPEN. Usually when there are functions like a wrap party they are sponsored by a type of alcohol. I think last year’s party I tried Bubblegum, Mountain Dew and Birthday cake Vodka. Thanks Three Olives! But this party was just drink what you will….we did end our night with the beer they had on tap, North Coast Brewery’s Scrimshaw Pilsner. Tasty tasty pint. I was really pleased with that beer. It was darker than your normal pilsner and had bold flavor. Thumbs up!

My beer on the left Scrimshaw Pils

My beer on the left Scrimshaw Pils

I wish I had more to report on the Beer/Celeb front. Sorry. Maybe next time.

This weekend I should be chalk full of beer stories to tell. I’m heading to LA VEGAN BEERFEST in Hollywood on Saturday.

It’s the 13 year anniversary of meeting Mr. Beerman. And our 10 year anniversary of being engaged on that very day. And he’s watching our boys while I partake in a day of brew tasting. Good husband.

It’s an outside venue and the weather man tells me could be upwards of 97 degrees so wish me luck!


One comment on “Beer and Celebs?

  1. wendynewell says:

    97 degrees? Good lord you are going to melt. Put ice in a towel on your head. You can make the ice out of beer … does beer freeze. I so don’t know the answer to that.

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