I can buy you a drink from anywhere? With an app?


So as you know I freelance from home. And on occasion I may do some Bierlady research during a work day say in the late afternoon. What if you, my friends who are at your desks right now reading this (don’t worry your boss doesn’t know, or if they do its cool they are reading my blog too) could buy me a drink! Okay maybe that’s only fun for me.

BUT I will buy you one too… I have missed countless birthday parties, grad from business school dinners, and just some good nights out because I’m a mom now. I do my fair share of Bierlady/Mom balance but I simply can’t be as social as I was before kids. But I always feel bad when I miss a party, especially a birthday. I often think I wish I could buy them a drink. Well guess what, my friend Brian has developed a way to do that…it launches THIS week. HERES2U allows you to check in on Facebook or Twitter and I can buy YOU a beer or I guess a salad, or some fries because actually I’m going to send you a virtual gift card and you can buy anything you want! I hope it’s a beer.

HERES2U allows you to buy drinks or food from anywhere in the world! WHAT? Awesome! There have been similar apps to this that I have tried. But not quite like this. This directly links to your check ins and provides the free stuff RIGHT to YOUR phone. How awesome is that??

So okay how does it work?

Can you imagine, you are turning 40 right? Okay lets say 30, but I know its 40, and you are out with your core group of friends. You check in to an establishment and BAM you get a text or a message that says “Happy Birthday! Love Uncle Jan” WHAT THE WHAT?? he lives in Florida. He just sent you a coupon code to buy something? This is fantastic! So all “gifts” are sent directly to your phone. It’s either through text message, Facebook Instant message, or through the HERES2U app. Then you simply show the coupon code to the server or bartender to redeem.
Flow chart V3

You can say thank you back to whomever sent it right away.

You can redeem the coupon whenever you like, for example if you received 4 gifts for $10, you can redeem 2 of them for $20 and save the other two for a future date. Once you show the server or bartender, they will verify the amount and its yours to spend.

Eventually the app will provide specific items for each restaurant, so you can send a craft beer, or send a specific shot or a basket of chips, but for now it’s open to specific amounts to use however the recipient likes. Think of it as a real time gift card!
Also, if someone has the app, all gifts sent, received and used are tracked in the “my tab” section. So you can keep track. You know if say for instance you have had a few.

The HERES2U app can be found in the apple store. Just download it. Partnering restaurants show up within the checkin feature on the app or if you want to organically gift someone, the restaurants pop up there as well. When you checkin through the app, you share your checkin to facebook/twitter and it will place a buy button next to your checkin. This allows anyone on facebook/twitter that is following you to purchase you an item without have to download the app

For you to take advantage of this fun your restaurant and/or bar needs to be involved in this. Working right now to get the word out to my VERY favorites: GOLDEN ROAD PUB http://www.goldenroad.la/pub/, STORY TAVERN http://www.storytavernburbank.com/ , TONYS DARTS AWAY http://tonysda.com/, Link N Hops http://www.linknhops.com/ 55 Degrees http://www.55degreewine.com/ hint hint!

The restaurant is required to store HERES2U tablet devices and they must verify and redeem coupons on the HERES2U tablet device. The cost of the service to the restaurant is totally FREE! HERES2U holds all credit card transaction liability and guarantees payment to restaurant and 24/7 live customer service.

The best part I think for bars who do this is that if say I have a birthday and 20 of my virtual friends send me $10 I don’t have to use it that night but I will use it at their establishment. So the folks who are there with me are spending money then I can cash in on virtual friends that night or maybe lunch the next day. Either way the bar makes more money than if just my physical friends are there. Love that! And Mr Beermans birthday is in April! YAY!

Yep this is all free to the restaurant or bar who will partake in this awesome idea. How great they can get more sales from folks who are only virtually at your party! Obviously there is a slight charge for the “giver” so like if you sent a friend $10 then it would cost you $1.36 in addition. But who cares! Small price to pay if you cant be there.

What a fantastic idea! Im so excited. I can’t wait. They launch THIS FEBRUARY 8th!

Right now you can find them at 38 Degrees http://38degreesalhambra.com/ and 28 West http://www.yelp.com/biz/28-west-bar-and-grill-alhambra in Alhambra, Toro Sushi http://www.torosushi.com/ in Pasadena, EAT in North Hollywood, Suede in the Bonaventure Hotelhttp://suedebarla.com/, Gorbals http://thegorbalsla.com/, Onyx http://onyxloungela.com/, Yxta http://yxta.net/, El Compadre http://www.yelp.com/biz/el-compadre-los-angeles-3 and Aqua Lounge http://aqualoungela.com/locations/ in DTLA.

So watch for them at your local bar or restaurant. They are getting the word out now and establishing a list of places they have already moved in. Maybe suggest it to your favorite place. Heck I can’t wait to send you a drink!

If you are a bar or restaurant and you are interested in hearing more please contact HERES2U’s founder, Brian De La Rosa at bdlr@heres2uapp.com
Check out the website at http://heres2uapp.com/

Like them on Facebook to keep up to date with what restaurants and bars have been added near you. https://www.facebook.com/Heres2u

Check out their video too!! Sorry the Bierlady needs to upgrade to Video Press..Beerfest season approaches! But I know you know how to click: http://youtu.be/u41rqIgKZyU