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  1. Mark says:

    I am having my 6th beer of the evening. I am sipping Sam Adams latitude 48 IPA. Any recommendations for a finer IPA or maybe I am drinking it in the wrong order. Thebierlady please help.

    • CathyB says:

      I wish I were a better judge of IPAs. They like Belgiums are not the Bierlady’s fav. But I will say tomorrow Im about to post a blog about a CA brewer, Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co that does a Hoppy Poppy IPA (the name scared me as I no likey too many hops) but it was fantastic. I will have to search it out in bottle form. I had it on Tap at Story Tavern In Burbank, but I will try and find it where its bottled and accessible to all! Happy drinking! Have a 7th. Its Monday!

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