Self Serve Beer? Out of this world…





It was the weekend before school started for the mini Bier-people so what does any beer loving mom do? She decided it was time to go down to the new neighborhood of beer, Torrance. Have you been down there? Do you like beer? Then you should. In a few blocks radius you can visit Cosmic Brewery, The Dudes Brewing, Monkish, Strand Brewing , Absolution Brewing and Smog City .

All those in one area? That is totally worth a trip down there if you aren’t a local to the area.

IMG_3498We went specifically to visit our friends at Cosmic Brewery.


I have personally loved them since my first sip of Cosmonaut. IMG_3485  Sigh. Yum.  I found Cosmic at a Beerfest a few years back and they were my brewery to watch. And I was right!  I mean aside from their incredible, brand and labels and super good beer, NOW they have a tasting room..that has self serve taps. Yes! Just like Yogurtland but with beer. Cool right?



Its very easy to use, just give the bartender or bartendress on duty your ATM or Credit Card (they slide your card but don’t charge it just to link your name to a tasting card) and they give you a cool Cosmic card. You take that card over to the taps and slide it in above the tap where the description of the beer is. Then pour. You can pour a sip, a flight or a pint and just be charged what you pour!


So if you aren’t totally sure about a beer you have never tried you literally can try a sip and pay for a sip!

When you return your card at the end of your drinking they charge you for only what you poured/drank.


The tasting room is great! Plenty of tables, cool music playing, free popcorn, well behaved kid friendly, and there’s always a food truck not far away.

When we were there we found this bachelor party. IMG_3511 Kind of a genius way to spend the day considering you can walk to other tasting rooms and not even have to worry about getting an Uber. Its sort of like going to Solvang and walking from wine tasting room to tasting room but with BEER!

If you aren’t familiar with their beers you should be! Their Hellhound BrownIMG_3476 and Bag Pipe Ale (Scottish Wee Heavy) are awesome, and we got a sneak taste of the Tulips on my Organ (Farmhouse Saison).







My husband Mr Beerman who is quite the Saison drinker said it was fantastic.



And I who am not a fan of the Saison even found it really tasty. They have many more beers on the way and told me they are ready to add another row of taps!

I encourage everyone to head down to visit the new tasting room. You are going to want to make friends with Chris and Sabrina

before they blow up even more… they are going to be huge and you (and I) can say we knew them when they first opened. Cheers!



Cosmic Brewery is located: 20316 Gramercy Pl. Torrance, CA 90501 (424)259-2337

Follow them on Twitter: @CosmicAles

Like them on Facebook:


Tasting Room Hours


Monday Closed

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday Closed

Thursday Closed

Friday 3-9pm

Saturday 12-10pm

Sunday 12-6pm

Some of the Best Beer Ive ever had…I found in Glendale…Wisconsin.


So many breweries so little time. If you think Wisconsin only brews Miller you’re wrong. Wisconsin has quite the craft beer scene. Being in Milwaukee only 4 days and there for a family reunion with my sons in tow I couldn’t visit every brewery so we chose a few. One I had been eyeing from afar (Los Angeles) via family check ins on Facebook was Sprecher Brewery.
Although it seemed all of Wisconsin Breweries were family friendly (Bierlady advice: know your beer limits and only take well behaved kids) I was drawn to this Brewery as they seemed to have as many choices in soda as they did beer.

As well as their “mascot” or their Label photo, it’s a Griffin. And if you know me Im a big fan of the Griffin, especially my 4 year old named, Griffin. I cant believe I missed the Rootbeer Griffin in the gift shop. I may have been eyeing the beers not the toys. IMG_2361

The week before we headed to the Midwest I shoot out a few tweets to breweries we were interested in checking out. Would you believe Sprecher was the only brewery who immediately tweeted me back. Not only that but within minutes Anne Sprecher tweeted and messaged me that she would meet me at the brewery. Now that’s Midwest nice. I did end up meeting her and she was awesome.

It was the last full day of our trip, and really I should have learned by now that LA Siri does a lousy job in Milwaukee, we used my Iphone to get us to the brewery and of course she took us off course. Maybe she was confused as we have some great breweries in Glendale, CA…sigh…SO we were 10 min late and missed the noon tour. The next was at 1:30 and we werent quite sure if we would be there that long (boy were we wrong, 3.5 hours later…) so we asked if we could just go in their tasting room. The staff was quick to accommodate us and it actually ended up being great. We brought several relatives along. Remember Julie who left me the beer, and Dale and Melissa who were our beer buddies all weekend? They were there. Along with my sweet Aunt Karen and our boys.

They gave us our tasting bracelets IMG_4690that you get with the tour price of a mere $5 (no seriously giant tasters, a tour and you get to keep the glass for 5 bucks) and sent us into their beer hall. The bartendress was kind enough to give us our first taster IMG_4673 before she started taking our tabs from our bracelets.

So many beers to taste. WHERE do we start? In truth I don’t remember where I started but I will say there was not ONE fail in the bunch. Not only did I get my tasters but we kinda all shared at the table, and then went back for our favorites. Along with a few tasters Anne gave me so that I didn’t have to wait in line. (Our private biergarten quickly filled up with the tour of probably 60 people).

In my time there I tried, Sprechers Hard RootBeer. IMG_4677 Now this could REALLY get you in some trouble. WOW was this good! It was Rootbeer, with a kick I didn’t really taste, hence the trouble part. In the same vein they had a Hard Ginger Beer, which was pretty fantastic as well. I could make a GREAT Moscow mule with that one. Rounding out the sweeter “beers” and “ciders” I tried my FAVORITE of the bunch, Sprechers Hard Apple Pie.

This is a must try for all cider drinkers/lovers. So good. So apple. So Pie.

I can’t even describe it other than saying it was perfect.

Some of our other tasters include their Pub Brown Ale, Special Amber, Black Bavarian,
Irish Style Stout, Witty, Abbey Triple, IPA2, Summer Pils, Piper Scotch Ale, Cider De Pomme, and their Grapefruit Radler. WHEW! I told you we tried all of it! And not one bad one in the bunch. They really hit the taste of everyone in our group. IMG_4661 My husband liked the Abbey Triple, Cousin Julie liked the IPA2, Dale was drinking the Black Bavarian and his dad works at Miller, and as I was leaning toward the ciders and the Summer Pils…my cousin Melissa who I have NEVER seen drink any beer other than a cider not only loved but ended up buying their Pipers Scotch Ale,

I wont go into great detail on the “malty flavor” or the “hops used” cause I know you don’t care that much. But what I will tell you is these beers should be available in CA well EVERYWHERE for that matter. I think their ciders and sodas would bring such joy to the LA VEGAN BEERFEST.

IMG_4701And really I want to be able to go to my local store and get them.

I did a lil research and Im pretty sure my LA friends would love them too. Look when Sprecher entered some of their beers in the LA COUNTY FAIR competition

2006 L.A. County Fair
Special Amber: Gold Medal – Vienna Style Lager

Oktoberfest: Gold Medal – German-Style Marzen/Oktoberfest

Dopplebock : Gold Medal – Dopplebocks

Black Bavarian: Gold Medal – Robust Porter

Irish Stout : Gold Medal – Foreign(Export) Style Stout

Imperial Stout : Gold Medal – Imperial Stout

Winter Brew : Silver Medal – European-Style Dark/Munchnerdunkel

Sprecher Micro-Light: Silver Medal – English Summer Ale

Piper’s Scotch Ale : Silver Medal – Scotch Ale

Mai Bock : Bronze Medal – Bock Beers

Barleywine: Bronze Medal – Barleywines

Awards don’t lie! Check out some of their other awards:


Im always so impressed by a brewery that can do such a wide variety of beers and do them all well. We all know the breweries who have the lock on the IPA, or the ones we know can do a lager well, but to do them all across the board from a sweet apple cider to a Triple Abbey and everything in between without us spilling out one taster, IMG_2360not only has my attention but my respect.

I borrowed this from their websites History page, as I found it all interesting. And so true. This brewery can concentrate on making “craft” beer. That’s why its so good.
Sprecher Brewing Co. was founded in 1985 by RANDAL SPRECHER, formerly a brewing supervisor at Pabst Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From 1985 to 1994, the brewery was located at 730 W. Oregon Street in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point area. Through the first ten years the company grew steadily as more and more people found out about Sprecher’s high quality beers and sodas. …..
…..Like the biggest selling wines, many mass market beers are made to appeal to as broad of an audience as possible. This means they have to be produced at a highly competitive price and that they must offend no one. Much of the distinctive qualities of the traditional regional type brews is lost.
Sprecher and other micro-breweries have revived both the distinctive quality of regional beer and old world brewing methods as well. The term “Micro-Brewery” refers to the relative size of the brewery when compared to gigantic beer production facilities of mass marketed national brands. Where these “Mega-Giants” produce from 20 million on up to 90 million barrels a year each, a “Micro-Brewery” is a considerably small operation, brewing less than 15,000 barrels a year. Although some have grown to 50,000 to 100,000 barrels a year.
Quite a difference when you consider a barrel is equivalent to 31 gallons. In that respect, the smaller Micro-Breweries such as Sprecher can focus more on its specialty “Craft Beers” with an eye on the highest quality and tradition of European style brewing.
At the Sprecher Brewing Co. we are proud to participate in Milwaukee’s great brewing tradition and we’re grateful for the opportunity to present our best to you.

So happy to have tried all of the beers we could. Even happier they had a gift shop where we could bring some home. But now Im on a quest to get Sprecher out to Los Angeles for us all to enjoy. Cause I didn’t bring home enough to share with all of us. Sorry. I only had two suitcases.
For my Milwaukee relatives, keep up with them at

Anne thank you for your immediate kindness, and I look forward to you visiting Los Angeles, I promise to take you to Tony’s Darts Away for some CA Brews!

PS When Your RedHead Ale is around will you let me know. I will send a super cool cousin to pick some up for me and send it to this redhead!

Bierlady on Tour LAX TO MKE or BUST Volume 1


LAX to MKE or bust the Bierlady traveled to the mothership of beer. The beer state. Well I guess technically its the Badger state, but I didn’t see any badgers.

I just spent the last 4 days in Milwaukee Wisconsin, in for a family reunion, but also there for research. Now I won’t lie coming from So Cal and being a beer person I’m a bit of a beer snob. I like good beer. And I went into my travels with a nose up. But Wisconsin you set me straight. Not only were you one of the first beer producing states in the U.S. But you’re still going strong. And your craft brews were awesome.

In full disclosure my husband said we’d checked into 35 new beers on Untappd Untappd_logoin those 4 days.

Mic drop our job is done.

So I have to do a running blog here of our trip. This entry, I’m going to start out with the beers we found and loved. Then do individual blogs for two of our favorite Breweries we went to: IMG_2181Lakefront Brewery and IMG_2363Sprecher both OUTSTANDING beers and tours and people, then blog about our Tour of the vast small city of Miller. IMG_4483 My Uncle works for Miller Coors so it was amazing to see beer brewed at that capacity. More on that later.

Upon arrival in Wisconsin we were greeted in our room by beers left for us from my cousin Julie. (Love you Jules) it was our first beer in my homeland and ended up being from a brewery that was for sure in our top 3. IMG_4349 New Glarus. We were told prior to our trip about their magical brews and wanted to visit them but alas we were only there a short while and it was a few hours away. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying many of their Beers. We had a 6 pk of Moon Man (abv 5%) IMG_4346 waiting for us in our room and I gotta say that remained in my top favorites. A No Coast Pale Ale (being west coaster I laughed aloud). Great beer exactly what you want from a pale ale. Not overly hoppy and full of flavor slightly citrusy but don’t let that sway you away, you pilsner drinkers. This is a great beer.

That night we met up with my cousins Dale and Melissa (our beer buddies for the weekend,) and we visited theIMG_2144 Safe House a super fun bar restaurant where you have to know the secret location and password to get in. Or they may make your family act like cheerleaders in front of a secret camera that projects to everyone inside the bar (I tried the password of beer didn’t work) there we tried the infamousIMG_2143 Spotted Cow also from New Glarus. We heard if you’re in Wisconsin you must try that beer from more than a dozen people. They were right. Spotted Cow is that beer I search for. Now their website calls it a “Naturally Cloudy Farmhouse Ale” but I put it on par with a great session (meaning low alcohol, this one is 4.8%) beer packed with flavor. And that great bread finish that says beer to me.

After the Safehouse,IMG_4365 as responsible parents do, we dropped our boys off with another cousin to babysit as my cousin Julie, remember her, she left beer in my room, well she took us to Delafield Brewhaus IMG_4401 where we had our first tasting of many Wisconsin beers. They brew their own and of the ones I had and Mr Beerman I can were great!
We tried, the Naga-Wicked Pale Ale, the Pewaukee Porter, Bengal Bay IPA, and their Oats and Barley Stout. I wont talk too much on this topic, as they are a brewhaus and as far as I know don’t bottle so unless you are headed to Milwaukee..but none the less wanted to mention them.

On Friday we were lucky enough that the party my aunt through for us (love you Aunt Karen) had some of New Glarus’s Black Top IMG_2281 a black IPA this has a slightly higher Abv (6.9%) but again just a super drinkable beer.

Saturday we headed to my family reunionIMG_4588 and picked up a 6 pk of their Totally Naked.

IMG_2296This is one of their seasonal beers so guessing if you can get it, get it now, its described as a Wisconsin Lager. And that it is! That’s the beer I think my folks drank but with FAR more flavor. That perfectly balanced malt, hop with a bread finish. So good.

We heard about their Two Ladies beer (Note my cousins think it’s funny when my Uncle has a Totally Naked, and Two Ladies, a lager in hand. Well played brewers and namers) we have not tried it but brought some home to LA along with their Yokel another seasonal Lager. I’m sure they will be great.

New Glarus I can see by your website and Beer Advocate I have barely scratched the surface of what you brew. Sorry we couldn’t make it up to try you in person. Next trip for SURE!

Some other beers we had to take note of because they were super tasty were:
Capital Brewery’s Amber,,
Point from Stevens Point Brewery, thanks to my cousin Jason who lives near there, and
Oktoberfest from Water Street Brewery,

Special shout out to this brewery because of its memorabilia wall.IMG_2174 Walls and walls of vintage beer cans. So cool. And taps as well.IMG_4412 I wish we were not on our way to another brewery tour and had to eat and drink fast. Or we would have sampled more of their beers. But I did have this one twice, once at the brewery and I found it again at Summerfest .IMG_2319

This was just the tip of the beer iceberg for our trip. Friday day we took a tour of Lakefront Brewery and sampled all of it. And did that Miller Tour I spoke of. Sunday we thought we were going to spend an hour at Sprecher Brewery, well, 4 hours later, and several 6pks to bring home…means these breweries deserve their own blogs.

Stay tuned for more LAX TO MKE or BUST!

The Bierlady reserves the right to update the blog should her husband or any cousin remember a beer she liked and forgot to mention. 4 days, 35 beers, things are slightly blurry.


IMG_2987The LA Vegan beerfest is one of my favorite days of the year. Its always right when May is just inching toward full blown summer. I feel the folks who run the show, Nic Adler, Quarry Girl, and Tony Yanow (Tony’s Darts Away) are just good people. Three Vegan friends who had this great idea. Six years later it’s a really really great idea.
I have mentioned this in past blogs about this event, the beer is not Vegan, the food is. So if you are looking for a new BEERFEST to enjoy, don’t be confused and continue reading…
Full disclosure, I am not Vegan, but when in Rome…I enjoy the food from the one zillion trucks that come to this event. I also enjoy the great bands. But what I come for is the beer….So that’s what this blog is about. I didn’t want you to be looking for a review on the awesome cauliflower everyone was talking about in the beer lines. I don’t have that. But I will tell you what new beers I found!
First though, I need to mention this:
What? LA Vegan BeerFest was at the Rosebowl this year? Yah it was! And WHAT A SMART idea that was. I have to say before I even talk about the greatness that was our day that the location change was the best idea ever. From the minute we arrived and saw the enormously long line (expected, we weren’t stressed) to 1:03pm, three minutes after the gates opened we were in the venue with glass in hand… it was smooth sailing. IMG_2978

Are you kidding me? 3 minutes from parking lot line to the glass table? The staff at the Rosebowl knows their stuff.
Quite frankly I was just giddy to be in the Rosebowl. Thinking of all the games played there. And here we were feet on the 50 yard line drinking our first beer. The set up was great. There were food vendors all in a circle surrounding the beers that were lined up in the middle. Once again there was never more than a 2-5 min wait for a beer, and that was a few hours in. The first hour we were there I don’t think we waited 2-5 seconds for our beer.
We have started a collection of these 4 oz beauties…but was interested to see you could have purchased a full pint glass for $10 and the beer vendors would fill you up! I think or hope that was for the folks who were there not so much like me looking for my next greatest beer find, but for the folks who just wanted a brew to enjoy while eating and watching bands. However, I did see the teeny tinest girl fill up a full pint of a 9.7% beer and thought “oh dear”. I wonder how she did later in the day?

When we got there

When we got there

I could talk about the food, MAN there was a LOT of choices this year, but I feel there will be enough Vegan food authorities writing about that and posting. I am no authority, but I did have a fantastic avocado sandwich while there. And noted the line for the pizza was insane. So guessing that was a BIG hit.

Having done this for a few years now, and now that beer fests are ubiquitous. (No more just the 2-3 in Spring/Summer, now you can find one nearly every weekend) and the fact that we frequent bars like Tony’s and Story and Mohawk, and Boneyard Bistro. I have to say Mr Beerman and I have tried nearly every thing they are going to bring. SO when we find a new beer from an old favorite brewery or a new brewery all together that is the best part of the day.IMG_3028

So lets talk beer!
There were over 60 Breweries there. And they all brought 2-5 beers each.

Of course we ran to our favorites, Figueroa Mountain, Angel City (If you haven’t tried their IPA you are missing out)IMG_3060

And its not a LA VEGAN BEERFEST without Golden Roads, Almond Milk Stout.IMG_3022

Okay now on to some others…Here were our top finds of the day. In no order. They are all over the board, from the super hoppy to the sweet…

Here we go….

If you are a craft beer drinker you know, Ballast Points Sculpin. IMG_3033 You just do. It’s a great beer. But have you tried their Grapefruit Sculpin?? Its better. This had to be one of our favorites of the fest. Such a great twist on a great beer. My husband who doesn’t even like Grapefruit put this on the top of his list.

IMG_3019New Belgium. I bet you know them, cause I bet you have drank a Fat Tire …that’s their amber. Strong choice. I am a big fan of their Blue Paddle Pilsner.

But today I was blown away by their Lips of Faith, Pear Ginger Beer. IMG_3020 This would make the BEST Moscow Mule ever. It was just a nice change from “beer” beer and it wasn’t sweet…. If you like ginger taste in anything this is a MUST try.

Hoparillio from Knee Deep Brewing, Okay generally this would scare me, 11% and 122 IBU…but dang it if this wasn’t one of the most well balanced perfect IPAs I have ever had. A TRIPLE IPA and I would totally order this and then another. Big Thumbs up guys. You are new to me…keep doing what you are doing and I’ll be purchasing you often.

IMG_3009SpeakEasy Metropolis Lager, I have to admit this wasn’t a new find for me. I buy this quite often from my local Bev Mo. Not the cheapest 6 pk on the block, but this is a great outdoors drinking beer, and I really am a fan of all their beers so I want to support them. Even with the higher price tag I encourage you to try any of their beers, but this one particularly for folks who aren’t into super bitter, or hoppy but just looking for something that tastes like a really well made beer.

Another new Brewery for me (just opened in February) Solarc Brewing. IMG_3046 Both their beers they brought were really awesome. I hate to sound like “that guy” but they were really complex but most importantly tasty. IMG_3048My favorite was their Night Capsicum a Black IPA, but also their Dunes, a Gruit (ale ) was really great. Im not a fan of the Belgium style so for me to like you, you know you are doing something great (for me anyway). Awesome new find! Support them if you see them, they are new and I can see great things coming.

Noble Ale Works, I Love It, IPA was also in my 4-5 star range on Untappd this weekend. I love finding IPAS that aren’t overly hoppy and don’t knock me over with crazy flavors. This was a solid delicious beer.

Speaking of IPAs you can’t forget the session IPAs, (which mean less ABV or less alchohol), Oskar Blues had Pinner Throwback IPA that’s new to me at least and as per Oskar Blues usual it was delicious. I will add it to my cooler with my Dales Pale Ale, Mama’s Little Yella Pils and Old Chub.

One of the best parts of the day were the giant screens around the stadium showing the tweets we were all sending throughout the day. What’s not fun about a Jumbo Tron?

Also I have to say I love meeting people at the fest. Everyone is so nice. I don’t know if its beer people or the Vegan community or both, but we always make friends. Mr Beerman and I always wear pretzel necklaces IMG_3053,sometimes cause we get hungry but really mostly to palette cleanse so the beers don’t run into one another. Many folks asked us about them. So we shared! Here are a few new buddies we toasted while sharing our pretzels.

And this group was celebrating Cynthia’s birthday.IMG_3058 I mean come on a day at the Vegan Beerfest? That’s a gift that keeps on giving!

End of my day I stopped at my good friends at WRECK CHECK IMG_3079 to once again point out to never ever drink and drive.IMG_3081 I was tasting (like honestly tasting I asked for half pours most every time) and I ate a good lunch and dessert and I still blew nearly twice the legal limit. I was walking, talking, even using my phone to call CURB just fine. But way above the legal limit.IMG_3087

My only wish was for better taxi situations. On the way in there wasn’t really a clear path for our taxi to drop us off, and end of day there were a ton of us outside trying to call Uber and Taxis and all of our phones were nearly out of juice, between tweeting to get on the Jumbo tron, and Facebooking for Friends to see all the fun, logging beers into Untappd there was little or no battery power for taxi calling. SO maybe next year they could have some waiting toward the end of the day? Just a thought.

When we left

When we left

Overall I can’t speak highly enough about this fest. It has grown from a small grass roots kind of affair to the freaking Rosebowl, yet nothing has changed. Its still great people, great food, great bands and great beers. Its just a fantastic way to spend the day. If you haven’t been you have to go next year, and if you did go then you know what Im talking about! See you next year!!IMG_3036

Our Holiday Beer Finds Part 1: ANGEL CITY BREWERY

image[5]Over the holiday weeks I made it a plan with Mr Beerman to go to some new beer bars around the LA area. Branching out. Seeing whats out there. Trying new stuff.

Of course we started our two weeks with a trip to Story Tavern , Tony’s Darts Away , Link N Hops and Golden Road And spent New Years eve celebrating Germany’s midnight (3pm) drinking German Beers at The Red Lion Tavern

…Oops. Old happens die hard. Those bars are the BEST. Just look Draft mag called out Tony’s in their top 100 bars in the country!

But we needed to see what else was out there. So after we enjoyed our old favorites we decided to make a point of trying some new beer spots in our area. For this first blog entry we headed to downtown. This was our first trip to Angel City Brewery . image[3]

We have tried their beers for years at the beerfests we attend. We have their beers at the aforementioned local pubs we frequent. We have even seen their beers at our local Costco in a variety pack. But we had never been down there since its opening of the downtown venue in 2010. (Angel City has been brewing craft beer since 1997, had its first location in Alpine Village in Torrence in 2004).

What have we been waiting for? This place is the BEST! Well behaved We went on a weekend, so we could bring our well behaved boys and enjoy a lovely Sunday with some flights. IMG_9806
The beers there are amazeballs!

They have a big selection to choose not just IPAS, from their Eureka Wit “A refreshing traditional Belgian white ale with coriander and orange peel”, Angleno IPA “A West coast Style IPA full of hops yet well balanced with a heafty malt backbone” (that’s for sure I really like this IPA and you know I don’t love every IPA I meet) , Gold Line Pilsner “A traditional European style pilsner medium bodied and dry hopped with a clean dry finish”, Amber Ale “Light and refreshing amber hued ale with a fruity aroma and sweet malty finish”, Marilyn “Barley corn and oats give this lager styled ale a slightly sweet aroma light body and dry crisp finish”, Imperial Chai Stout “Full bodied dark and rich with hints of dark chocolate roasted malt and chai it finishes smooth sweet and spicy”, and Vanilla Porter “Full bodied porter with bold vanilla flavors and a subtle roasty/chocolate finish”. Not one was bad. They were all great!
IMG_9803I will say my favorite was the Amber. I love a good amber and boy this one was good!

I have to give a special shout out to their Vanilla Porter.IMG_9810 First I love a good mid range ABV on my porter (meaning not too boozy) and did you guys nail the vanilla or what? So many brewers try. So many fail. So many want the vanilla flavor you achieved. You Angel City are far beyond the best at doing vanilla. HUGE thumbs up.

The place is a big open air venue.IMG_9812 (It was brisk the day we were there but not bad) I fully intend on going back in summer when its 80 out or like today since its 80 out.

They had games to play on the giant benched picnic tables a second floor with more seating and the bar seating area.IMG_9798

It was BYOF – Bring your own food, we did that and it was great. IMG_9808

Angel City is usually open Weekdays M-W 4pm -10pm, TH-F 4pm -12am and Weekends Saturday 12pm-12am Sunday 12pm-10pm

They are located at 216 S Alameda St Los Angeles, CA 90012

I will for sure be visiting you again. (without the well behaved boys so we can have a few pints) And I will be picking up your variety pack at Costco for Playoff games this weekend!

Note to my dog loving friends my son wanted me to point this out to you: IMG_9816

Wait you drove to Buellton for a beer?


Damn right I did! Beer Roadtrip! But if you ask my kids we went to see Ostrichland USA IMG_6480and eat Danish pancakes IMG_6593in Solvang

You may know Buellton from the movie sideSideways..but let me tell you it has more to offer than wine and Pea Soup Buellton is the home of Firestone Walker Brewing and our very very favorite Figueroa Mountain BrewingIMG_6537.
It was a one day/night field trip out to Buellton as I needed to see Figueroa Mountain Brewing Live and in person. If you have read any of my past blogs, especially those after a Beerfest you know that we are BIG fans of Figueroa Mountain Brewing. Only cemented by a Tap Take over at our favorite bar Story Tavern a few months back.

This Dad and son Brew team know what they are doing. Jim and Jaime Dietenhofer are brewing some of the best craft brews California, dare I say any state has to offer. And the best part at least for me is that they have such a WIDE variety of beers. IMG_6543 They are not just making the next best IPA like everyone else in So Cal is doing. They make everything. We even tried a Pear Cider there this week! Not all of their beers are available in bottles, or even at your local bar. Hence the roadtrip. We stayed locally (cause even a flight of beer is a beer to many to drive, especially home to LA) we were at a motel walking distance from FigMtn. Which was so convenient! There were several motel/hotels in the area lots to choose from.

Fig Mtn is probably best know by bar goers for their Danish Red Lager, IMG_6560,their Hoppy Poppy IPA, which contrary to its name is not overly hoppy. I really like it!, their Stagecoach Stout,, their Davey Brown Ale and Wrangler Wheat These you can usually find in a store in big bottles. Their labels are pretty awesome and stand out. beer

Some other notable beers they carry (and you can get outside of their tap rooms (in Buellton, Los Olivos, and Santa Barbara) is their Lizards Mouth,IMG_6564 at 9.2% and 90 IBU (remember IBU is units of bitter) you would think I would be turned off. But man this is one super tasty beer! Find this one. Especially If you want a lil punch to your beer, at 9.2% it wont take many. Trust me.
I also mentioned in my last blog what a big fan I am of their Big Cone, a black ale, IMG_6563.

See that’s the thing about FigMtn, they do hops well. They aren’t trying to wreck your palette, so everything else you taste is “wrong”. They use hops the way they should be used, balanced and delicious.

We were lucky enough to find a few at the brewery that are not available just yet outside the tap rooms. First and foremost we must call out their Grendal,IMG_6546 it’s a barrel aged porter, maybe not for everyone and at 11% it’s packs a punch for sure. But man you can’t taste the punch. That’s dangerous. In a good way. This was hands down the smoothest, tastiest beer we had. 11% no way! It was amazing. Such a great beer I surely hope they make more and get it to folks in bottles. Great one!

We also tried their Biere De Menage, a mix of beer and sauvignon blanc wine. It’s a saison. Not usually my cup of tea. But as per usual I was like “yep I would totally drink this’ it would be perfect with some pasta, or a nice fish dinner.
They have a Kolsch on board now (see I tell you they have all types of beers), Called the FMB101 named after the infamous 101 fwy, that sort of screams California. A Kolsch is made like a lager, so its fresh, clean, great for outdoor drinking and bbq’ing! This one I believe will be coming soon to a store near you!

They have a Pilsner that is available in bottles, Paradise Road, which we have had previously and enjoyed but that day they had a German Pilsner that was SO great! So great we got a growler of it to take home the next day!

Something’s that stood out about the entire experience, not just the beer. IMG_6576This place was beautiful.IMG_6540 Two stories where you could over look the brewery as it was brewing. IMG_6541Smell of grain and wart in the air… and so sleek.

IMG_6539With their beer labels as their wall art and table décor.

High Tops, long tables, square tables, bar tables,IMG_6547

and what a great outdoor seating area. I wish I had taken pictures of this when it was hopping the night before. These are from 11am then next day when we swung by again to grab a growler and a Tshirt. The outside seating to me just sums up “outdoor drinking” at its finest. IMG_6608Look at the great tables, the fire pits, the atmosphere. IMG_6607I wish we had another night and we would have gone back to sit outside. What a fun place!IMG_6607
Also to be noted, the brewery is child friendly. I asked prior to going if I had two well behaved children could they come in and sit with us. Got the thumbs up. Knew my kids had their DS gaming units and the World Cup on the TVs and they were fine as we tried our sampler flight!IMG_6555

We ordered pizza from a place near by. They brought it right to us.
Anthony was our bartender upstairs and he was so nice, and knowledgeable about beer and especially their beers. Very attentive to make sure our kids had water and were doing okay.

I know not everyone is going to drive to another city to try some beers. So I encourage you to order Fig Mtn from your bartender next time you are out. Keep an eye out for their bottles at the store and buy them! They really are the most well balanced, tastiest, biggest variety, family owned, operated by nice people, beer out there!

Hey the Beer Couple hits our 10 year wedding anniversary this fall….who’s up for a anniversary road trip with us??


Its Summer and I want a new Cider….

With Summer approaching and having had more than one friend ask me about ciders I felt like it was a good time to give folks the scoop on the Ciders that I have tried.

First and foremost let me point out that it is “Cool” to drink and order a cider at a bar. Here in the states we have been led to believe cider is a girly drink. I attribute that to the fact that you can find most ciders next to the malt beverages and wine coolers in the grocery store. Everywhere in the world people drink ciders and are not ashamed to do so. So if you want to order a cider do it! Drink up! But you don’t have to order the same cider every time…

If you think there is only Angry Orchard angryout there you are totally mistaken. In fact according to American Hard there are 88 ciders being made just here in the states! I think this is an estimate to say the least, there are more than these 88.

I have a bottle of Square Mile in my fridge (out of Oregon) and they aren’t on the list. And they are really good. At 6.7% it was a little stronger than a normal cider, but I liked that. And it was a cleaner less sweet taste.Square

I imagine that if you have been drinking cider and you started a many years back you are only familiar with Strongbow OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Strongbow is from the UK and has been produced since 1962. It’s a great cider but with so many being made right here why not try some others?

Ciders are made all over the world. Nearly every country has their own brands of cider. But for the purposes of this blog Im covering the ones you can buy here in the states and you may find at your local tavern. fox

You can walk into your local grocery store and you are going to find probably 2 maybe 3 Ciders. You will for sure find Angry Orchard, because if you haven’t noticed these guys are ubiquitous. Everywhere I turn this cider is on tap or in someone’s hand. I attribute this to their distribution and marketing. Just an FYI they are owned by Sam Adams. Hey nothing wrong with that. Lots of crafts brews are being bought by bigger companies. That being said there are some ciders out there on a smaller scale that I think are better. Albeit probably more expensive and depending on where you are in the country a bit harder to find.

Where can I find these? There is always Bev Mo, they carry a few ciders, but end of day walk into your local liquor store, the smaller ones, they probably carry some of the more hard to find beers and ciders and you are going to be happy to made the extra trip.

AceI wont lament on the new Ace Pineapple Cider again, I have mentioned it, I have tweeted about it, its damn good. Ace is a California Cidery and was founded in 1993. Their label is pretty recognizable and they are in a ton of bars. Some of the Ace I find a bit sweet, but if you are looking for a sweeter less dry cider then this is your cider. I’m fond of the aforementioned Pineapple and their Pear is great too. For the most part Ace Cider is about 5% ABV so that’s like a lager or pilsner, not terribly high in alcohol. Watch out for their Joker Cider, as that is 6.9% so it’s a little more bang for your abv buck. So if you want that sweeter cider that tastes more like juice than a dry champagne this is what you want.product_lineup

Crispin Cider, also out of California, crispin I have mentioned them in numerous blogs as well. This is probably my favorite, it is a really good cider. I think they actually do the best job at mixing a sweet and dry taste. So you don’t feel like you are drinking fruit juice but has just the right amount of sweetness. They have several flavors and their original apple I have seen in most grocery stores. Yes they will be more expensive as they are sometimes sold in 4 pks not 6 for the same price as most beers in a 6. But they are so worth it. And their 22 oz bottles of special or reserves are just excellent. organicThey even have an organic apple They do some limited releases that are barrel aged. I hate to even mention this one as it’s not in production anymore, but their Bird on a Wire, IMG_5684aged in Whiskey barrels was phenomenal! They continue to release new ones just keep an eye out. These bigger bottles and limited release will be higher in alcohol content most of them between 6-8%.

It came to my attention as I was doing this blog that Crispin has merged with another of my favorite Ciders, Fox Barrel I have to admit I have only had this cider in bars so I can’t speak to how easy it is to find in stores. I have never seen it. But if its on tap at a bar you are at it’s a strong choice. Im particularly fond of their Blackberry/Pear cider.

It also seems that they have Pomegranate/Pear and Rhubarb/ Elderberry. I love any cider that’s going to produce more than just apple! Im guessing that now that they are with the Crispin company they may have better store distribution and will be easier for us to find.

crispand fox

Taking a quick jaunt out of CA I have to cross the country all the way to Vermont . Most beers/ciders you are going to find in your store are from breweries/cideries close to home. Makes sense. If there are a million breweries in California why would my store go to another states breweries to fill their shelves, unless you are one of the big 3 (Bud, Coors, Miller) or been around a while, and or distributed by a big one, ala Shiner Bocks (TX), Kona (HI), Sam Adams (MA)….this is one of those cases…

You are heading to a BBQ and you want to bring a cider are picking up the ice and chips at your local grocery store and head to the beer aisle. There it is…its been there for years, but have you tried it? woodWoodChuck Cider, Woodchuck was originally started at The Joseph Cerniglia Winery, Cavendish, VT, in 1991 by Joe Cerniglia and Barry Blake, along with wine maker Greg Failing. It was bought out by a bigger company and now is the top selling cider in the US. Its really good. They have their core ciders, the Amber, the Granny Smith, etc all about 5%. But if you want even more of a session cider, their Crisp is only 3.8%. IMG_1459 Watch out for their 22 oz bottles, reserve, those are either barrel aged, or smoked, or kicked up in the ABV. Their pumpkin cider is close to 7%. I loved their Winter Seasonal pack, had hints of vanilla. And I am currently on a quest to find their Summer Seasonal 6pk which is blueberry/apple! I know Woodchuck gets some slack for being “factory produced” vs “small batches” but you know what? They taste like you think and want a cider to taste like. And they have enough variety in their seasonal and special releases to please almost everyone. So I can’t poo poo them for being a giant company now. To me the quality of a tasty cider is still there. And its accessible. So win win.

tieton-cider-works-2009cidersAnother cidery outside of CA is Tieton, they are in Washington state and lets be honest who is going to do Apple cider better than a company in Washington? They were brought to my attention by a friend who lives up there. It is much harder to find. I have seen a bottle or two at Bev Mo and once on tap at a bar. But if you see it try it!

A great place to find some one off ciders is Cost Plus World Market. They tend to carry some lesser known beers/ciders and you can buy them by the bottle vs a 6pk if you aren’t sure you will like it.

bloom-cider-wandering-ae-21761-697zThere we found Wandering Aengus this is another tasty cider, out of Oregon, and slightly hard to find. However I have seen it on tap at my local Tavern. So you may see them at your favorite bar. Also note they are a little higher in alcohol ranging from 6-9%abv. If you see this cool label pick one up and try it!

So can I kick up my cider? Of course you can! And cider cocktails are not limited to just the Snakebite! There are tons of ways to mix your cider with beer or liquor. Here are a few recipes that caught my attention during my research. And by research I mean actual research on the interweb not my code for drinking copious amounts of different drinks in the name of Bierlady research.

½ Cider
½ Lager*

Breakfast Velvet
½ Crispin Cider
½ oatmeal stout

The President
1/2 oz raspberry liqueur
1/2 oz orange liqueur
2 orange slices
8 oz Angry Orchard Apple Ginger

Angry Cuban

1.5oz White Rum
3oz Pineapple Juice
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple

Angry Balls™
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple
1.5 oz of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

Mexican Woody

1 shot tequila
Mixed in a glass with Woodchuck Cider

Woodchuck Cider Punch
2 Quarts lemon sherbet
1 large bottle ginger ale
11 bottles of Woodchuck Cider
Lemon Slices
Pour Woodchuck Cider over sherbet in punch bowl.
Add ginger ale. Float lemon slices on top.

Even though its not my favorite cider I am pretty sure Angry Balls is my favorite Cocktail name.

Note: Bars & Ciders. My two cents…. the next time you are in a bar and want a cider don’t go for what you can buy at the grocery store. Seriously why pay $$$ for a pint that you can spend that same $$$ to buy a 6pk? Try something new! Don’t be afraid to ask the bartender about the cider. If you like sweet ask for sweet, if you like dry then tell them. They should know what they have on tap and they can lead you to a new great find!

I would love to try some new ciders especially from the East Coast. If you have any call outs please let me know. Tweet me @thebierlady and I will try and find them!!