Haven’t been to Stout Burgers? Run dont walk.

IMG_7103Holy delicious Burger Batman! I know this is a Beer blog but my recent lunch at Stout Burger in Studio City made me change my name to burger lady just for the day. http://www.stoutburgersandbeers.com/beer-menu-studio-city

Stout burgers is and I quote from their website: “a simple, upscale restaurant redefining the idea of the local pub – offering a vast selection of artisanal draft and bottled beers from around the world as well as an emerging list of wines together with the finest burger option in Los Angeles”. That’s about right. Right now locations are Hollywood by the Archlight and Studio City but looks like there’s a Pasadena and Santa Monica location opening soon. Lucky you guys!!

They have 30 beers on tap and they’re a nice selection.IMG_7101 IPAs, Belgiums, Stouts, Lagers, Pilsners, Ales and Pale Ales. And that’s just on tap. They have a selection in bottles that includes some really hard to find beers.

Aside from the great selection of beer I am pleased to say they meet one of my huge summer favorite things. By now you know me and know what I am going to say. “Outdoor Drinking”. The whole place is practically outside. The bar had that cool on the strip Vegas feel to it. Right there looking out on Ventura Blvd as you sip your beer.

Today I got the Firestone Hoppy Pivo Pils and Mr Beerman ordered Stones Pale Ale.IMG_7106 They are old favorites. Nothing new to report here. Just glad they had them. Go California beers!

But I need to talk about the food. Their burgers are perfect. Don’t even tell them how you like it cooked. Just go with it. It’s so juicy; So flavorful; So good. It’s funny my husband and I always get the same burger. Me the Goobah which is beef burger with mozzarella cheese, crispy prosciutto, and a lemon aioli and Mr Beernan won’t vary from the Stout Burger, blue cheese, emi gruyere, rosemary bacon, caramelized onions, horseradish cream and roasted tomatoes. Ridiculous. Both burgers. You kinda want two but then you are like no..that would be wrong. But sometimes I don’t want to be right.

Note: Stout would you consider doing sliders? We love our “go to” burgers so much we won’t order a different but would love to try the others.

And they don’t have just beef. They also have Chicken burgers and even veggie burgers! Something for everyone. And dont even get me started on the sweet potato fries, onion rings and bread pudding. To. Die. For. Who’s your exec chef? Wait I looked it up “Executive Chef Alex Kagianaris has turned the burger into a gourmet treat. Thanks to its mainstay of a few quality ingredients, cooked quickly and served up as fresh as can be, the burger at STOUT makes the perfect meal – nutritious, filling, and the perfect pair for that specialty beer combining a host of sweet/salt/sour flavors to tantalize the taste buds. True that. Kiss him for me.

There’s a lot of gourmet burgers out there now. I enjoy many. But none as much as Stout. Combine that with the choices of beer and outdoor bar I’m sold. The bartender was super friendly too. Nothing bad to say its an A+ place. IMG_7109

My husband mentioned how when we met he lived with his two buddies in a house about two Blocks from where Stout is now. Thank goodness it didn’t exist 15 years ago. We probably would have never met. He would have been there every night knee deep in Stout Burgers and Pints.